Makeover Artistry Wins 2 Prestigious Bridal Awards, 4th Consecutive Year

We are honored and so thrilled to announce, for the 4th consecutive year, Makeover Artistry has been selected as a best of The Knot 2016 Wedding Network vendor and also a 2016 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® recipient.  Recipients of these awards represent the top five percent of wedding professionals who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism.
We are so very proud of our talented team and we want to thank our lovely brides and special occasion customers who took the time to compliment our work.
With sincere gratitude and excitement for 2016,
– Donna
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Lights, Camera, Action and Makeup?!

Lights, Camera, Action and Makeup?

Recently the owner of Makeover Artistry, Donna was honored to be a featured guest on the television show, The New You.  She was interviewed as a foremost expert in beauty along with fellow guest and designer Maria Del Carmen Mercado.

The New You, hosted by Chirin Karra Ashkar, is a local New England fashion and beauty show that is airing soon!  The show airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. Channel 13 (for Cox subscribers) and Channel 32 (for Verizon subscribers).

Donna certainly is a qualified guest to discuss beauty!  She has worked with many well-known photographers and fashion designers in New England and recently has been asked to attend Bridal Fashion Week to work with NYC designers.

Donna specializes in weddings, editorial photo shoots, film, TV, runway and portfolios. Donna creates artistic makeup looks for fashion designers to complement their jewelry and clothing lines for print and runway. Donna is also an image consultant and provides makeovers for women (especially those over the age 40) to recreate themselves. This image branding includes training on how to change their entire look from head to toe including clothing styles.

TBW Models on set!  Makeup by: Donna Sousa  Designer:  Maria Del Carmen Mercado

When The New You airs we will share footage with you so you can check out the show (and amazing makeup).

Congratulations to Donna and we are looking forward to your success in NYC for Bridal Fashion Week.

Just Married! Beautiful Wedding Hair & Makeup!

Wedding Makeup Newport Rhode Island

Our new video features glamorous hair & wedding makeup Newport Rhode Island style.

The brides and clients featured showcase gorgeous wedding hair and makeup in our newest video.  I am proud of the work of our talented team of makeup artists and hair professionals by Makeover Artistry.

.wedding makeup newport rhode island style

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How my clients and Facebook friends helped me decide on a perfect professional photo!

Daily I work with photos of gorgeous brides, bridesmaids, models and more.  I review each shot as way to help me determine a perfect look for their wedding day, pageant, photo shoot or walk down the runway!  These photos also build my portfolio of work and I spend many hours with my team, reviewing final candidates of which I am very proud of.  You can view my portfolio on my website at

Recently I had to select a photo of myself to update my professional photo on my website, LinkedIn and other locations.  My team was having trouble narrowing so we decided to set up a poll to help us decide.  We reached out to my clients, friends and family connected to Makeover Artistry on social media.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive (thanks) and also very helpful.

PicMonkey Collage

After the poll completed, we have calculated the results and have decided on OPTION C.

Thanks to all my kind social media friends, clients and loved ones who helped me decide and my gratitude goes out to the fine photography at Options Photography:

Please see my updated photo and read about our wonderful team, too!



Having Fun At Your Wedding & The Importance of Natural Wedding Hair and Makeup

Weddings really are supposed to be fun for everyone involved and one of the keys to a relaxing day is having a natural wedding hair and makeup look that suits you!

Over the years, I see that bride’s that enjoy their day the most are typically very prepared and but are also relaxed!  Many of my reviewers comment on my ability to relax brides and make them laugh.  I do this for a reason!


The one thing that happy and relaxed brides have in common is they don’t take the day too seriously and enjoy the little moments with a special family member, friend or loved one.


They also don’t try to look ‘or be’ somebody else on their wedding day.  They usually choose a look that enhances their natural beauty.  This is something I refer to as a natural wedding hair and makeup look.


Sometimes, a little silly goes a long way in creating long lasting memories and this is achieved by looking and feeling like a ‘better’ version of you.

10847446_10205169108654907_4156871248926380517_oOur brides tend to pick moments to cherish the fun and their natural wedding hair and makeup only enhances their already glowing look.

On your wedding day it is important to work with a professional that will design a look that suits you and knows how to keep everyone relaxed during the timeline leading up to your wedding day.

Talk to us while booking your trial and try to select a style that doesn’t stray too far from your comfort zone.

But most of all… relax and have FUN.
– Donna Sousa

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A fabulous makeup artist … can truly be a bride’s best friend!

My long time friend and colleague Kim and I wrote this article on the importance of a fabulous makeup artist on your wedding day!  It was published in Simply Chic Wedding Magazine in 2014 and we are so proud.


A fabulous makeup artist … can truly be a bride’s best friend!

All is set for your long-awaited wedding day. The dress is stunning, the flowers so lovely and your hair style is to die for…but how does your makeup look? Your photographer is poised for your portraits, but you don’t want to have “every day” make up… you need bridal makeup! While all of the items above were chosen so carefully, they are meant to be mere accessories to the stunning you. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then today yours need to be stunning pools of blue, brown, or green as you gaze at your groom down the aisle. And since you are likely to be all smiles, your lips have to look so kissable and soft that you are simply irresistible! This kind of icing allows you to shine at your own personal best, shows the special side of you, and yet allows you to look and feel like yourself. It needs to last, not run off with the heat of the day, dance off while you electric slide or wash off with tears of joy. What does this kind of miracle take? A fabulous makeup artist, of course—a bride’s best friend!

All brides are not created equal. After all, some whisper, some speak, and some shout out to express their appearances!  Those gals that would love to shout are usually very comfortable with makeup and have probably been wearing it for years. They enjoy trying the latest trends and color styles are adventurous. If this is you, embrace the idea of “bigger is better” lashes, boldly shaped lips and brows and “more is more” eyeliner and mascara. This bride is lots of fun, and your makeup artist can be given free reign to try something new by pushing boundaries or creating something extraordinary from the bridal fashion world.  Have tons of fun but be careful; you’ll want to walk that line gently. Ask a lot of opinions from your artist, trusted friends and family who know you well. Sometimes, if choices are not carefully made, you could end up regretting your photographs in the years to come. What is in style now will not always in be in style and it can be tricky.

Our second gal, on the other hand, is a bit more conservative and would like to “speak.” This is the most widely and requested look. She wears makeup professionally, when leaving the house and out for the evening. She is confident with her appearance but doesn’t want to look overly made. She wants to look polished and elegant for her wedding but not as if she was trying too hard…entirely recognizable as herself but decidedly at a formal occasion. Choose to play up your eyes or your lips so you stay balanced and the focus is in one place. If you have a perfect pout…work it! Ask your artist to choose a stunning shade for your skin tone and pair it with barely there contoured cheeks and soft eyes played up with a dose of liner and mascara. You are sure to stay timeless with a color pallet of taupes or soft browns, highlights in all the right places, and dewy, ethereal skin. With this moderate look, it is hard to make a mistake.

Lastly, those “whisper” girls are our fave.  We personally get enjoyment out of the time it takes to perfect that “no makeup look”. These gals rarely wear much makeup, if any at all, and may not really know what they want. What “a little” makeup is to you, may not be the same as “a little” makeup to your makeup artist! If this is you, we recommend bringing tear outs from magazines. It is often that brides will show their artist’s photos from their phone, but the details of makeup are so small on a 4 inch screen that it can leave her guessing. Additionally, you’ll rarely get the results you want by requesting “whatever you think…” from your artist. She so badly wants to please you and that gives her next to no information regarding your desires. So, if you are not able to bring something visual just be prepared to have a nice long conversation, ask to see her portfolio and pick out things you like, but more importantly, what you do not. It takes more skill to perfect and enhance ones appearance when the cosmetics au natural and barely there, so expect that your application will take as much, if not longer, than that of a bride who wants a glamorous appearance.

Note: In 2015 you are in luck! The classic “fresh face” and bodacious brow of Brooke Shields and the Katy Holmes “girl next door” look are here to stay… yet in a more pearlized version. Soft shimmers and barely there cheeks are the trends to follow, so you’ll feel very comfortable in your own skin.

While we have brought up skin, let’s touch on how important the condition of the skin really is. Your makeup artist is not a magician and while there are cosmetics designed to hide color and some flaws, it is very difficult to cover texture. In the time before your walk down the aisle, do what you can to take care of and enhance your own personal glow. Don’t start facials a month before your wedding. Rather, start a relationship with a skincare specialist, or start a skin care regiment of your own.  Drink lots of water and always, always wear sun screen. Why indulge in sunbathing and then ask your artist to cover, with makeup, every freckle and age spot? Instead, try some self-tanners for a sun kissed glow or a spray tan.

Note: Take heed, we’ve all seen tragic tanning experiences. We recommend trying the product first. If you like the results, book the same tanning technician 3 to 4 days out from your wedding. That way if the color is too dark, it will have time to fade. If it is perfect, you can adjust the tone with a self-applied product until the big day, always in control of the results.

The single best tip we have is to always indulge in a makeup trial with a few different artists. They should not only ask what your vision is for your big day, but also be one to listen and ask you specific questions. For example, are you having a day or evening event? Will you be at the beach at a lobster bake, or in the soft glow of candle light?  How is it you wear your makeup every day? This feedback allows an artist to decide what foundation and application will be best suited to your unique needs. A bride who regularly wears a powder-based mineral foundation, for instance, will unlikely be happy with the feeling of a cream based product. Does this particular artist show you two different looks? It’s always nice if the artist is willing to do each eye in a different style. One matte and traditional, one softly smoky and romantic…it gives you the chance to have something to choose from.  If anything else, you’ll know what you do not like and it will help you feel confident in your decision.

Lastly, the foremost reason you should hire a makeup artist is for the primers, setting sprays, and waterproof cosmetics. Qualified and experienced artists have the expertise to contour and highlight your features to look their best in flash photography. Have you ever viewed a photograph of yourself and thought…wow, when did I get so fat? Chances are the flash blew your face out flat and made your countenance appear that way. Contouring and highlighting your bone structure properly and softly can take off pounds and keep your features attractive in the harsh flashes of a professional camera. A good artist can shorten the looks of a long nose, soften the angles of a square face, or even make your eyes appear larger—all in subtle ways.

So, before you think of skipping the makeup artist…think again. She will be in your boudoir on the most important day of your life. You will be depending on her to help you look amazing and she might even hold your hand when you get nervous and the emotions are running high! And yes.. a fabulous makeup artist can truly be a bride’s best friend!

Written By: Donna Sousa Makeover Artistry R.I. – Kimberly Richard, Cosmetic Artist Cape Cod


Cohesive, Classy & Elegant Bridal Hair and Makeup

Cohesive, Classy & Elegant Bridal Hair and Makeup!

Sometimes our customers can express our thoughts exactly.  At Makeover Artistry we believe in having a cohesive look the day of your wedding.  The elegance and consistency makes a long – lasting impression and provides beautiful wedding photos.


Five Star Review from Wedding Wire

5.0 out of 5.0

Bridesmaid:  Sara

Donna recently provided make up and hair services for a friend’s wedding I was in. The services were provided in the comfort of the bride’s home. Donna did a great job with all of our make-up individualizing everyone’s look by playing up their best features all while looking classy, elegant, and cohesive as a bridal party. All makeup came out great, photographed amazingly, and stayed on all night – it even lasted through some rain that we all got caught in during the ceremony and hours of dancing!

The hair services provided were amazing as well; all the girls had different hair types, lengths, colors, etc. Christina, who worked on our hair, knew exactly what do to make each girls’ up-do last through the entire day/night. She could transform a style/look from a picture and make it come to life – she even threw in some unique accents ( braids, twists, etc) if asked.

Overall the experience I had with Makeover Artistry was fabulous and I would recommend these services to anyone looking for hair/make-up for special occasions. The price is right and comparable (if not less) than what you would pay at a salon, however this was one of the best make-up/hair experiences that I have had done for a wedding and no salon I have ever been to has done this well (I have been in my fair share of wedding the past few years). Donna and Christina were fun, knew what they were doing, and did a great job!

Thank you for the wonderful review and we can’t wait for the gorgeous photos!

Your Biggest ‘Wedding Oops’ Shouldn’t Be Hiring A Friend

As they say, there is always an “oops” at every wedding.  But your biggest wedding oops shouldn’t be hiring a friend to do your wedding hair & makeup.

If you are thinking of having a friend style your hair & makeup on your wedding day?  Think again!


I have been a professional hair and makeup artist for many years and on several occasions; I have had to be called to ‘rescue’ a bride from a near disaster because a friend has offered to help with wedding hair and makeup.

Here is a quote from a recent bride:

“Donna came to my rescue after I hired a friend to do my hair (before I knew Donna existed) but she came to my aid anyways. Upon arriving, she quickly pinned all my hair back into place and sprayed it so it wouldn’t fall down again. When I walked down the stairs for my first look with all of my bridesmaids, I got pretty emotional and began crying my eyes out. Donna stepped in to dry my tears and touched up my makeup and lipstick.  She saved the day!”

Unfortunately, having a friend do a professional’s job almost never works out… unless they are actually a professional.  Many aspiring hair stylists or makeup artists with good intentions try to ‘help out’ on your magical day (by offering discounted or free services) but often this creates stress for you and your friend.

Here are some things to think about when considering this option:

-Perfectionist!  If you hire someone professional you can be very picky and clear about what styles you want, without feeling like you are hurting their feelings.

-The right tools for the job!  A professional is dedicated to only you on your special day and will come: on time, prepared and with all the proper equipment.  Very rarely does a friend have their own airbrush machine or proven techniques that are tried and true for a bride’s flawless result.

-Stress & Time Management!  A seasoned professional is used to brides, bridesmaids and the hectic schedules.  Artists on my team are accustomed to weddings, fashion shows and photo shoots that require precision in a timely manner.

-Favors don’t come with a commitment!  Friends don’t provide a contract or written agreement.  If something comes up, unfortunately, they just don’t have a team to send a replacement.  You could be stranded on your most important moment to shine.

Finally, real friends should not be working at your wedding…they should be enjoying the time with you and sipping a mimosa!!!

Consider contacting Donna Sousa at Makeover Artistry for bridal services.  We can work with your budget and still provide the professionalism you deserve.

Check out our portfolio of brides we now consider our friends! Click here!

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