Having Fun At Your Wedding & The Importance of Natural Wedding Hair and Makeup

Weddings really are supposed to be fun for everyone involved and one of the keys to a relaxing day is having a natural wedding hair and makeup look that suits you!

Over the years, I see that bride’s that enjoy their day the most are typically very prepared and but are also relaxed!  Many of my reviewers comment on my ability to relax brides and make them laugh.  I do this for a reason!


The one thing that happy and relaxed brides have in common is they don’t take the day too seriously and enjoy the little moments with a special family member, friend or loved one.


They also don’t try to look ‘or be’ somebody else on their wedding day.  They usually choose a look that enhances their natural beauty.  This is something I refer to as a natural wedding hair and makeup look.


Sometimes, a little silly goes a long way in creating long lasting memories and this is achieved by looking and feeling like a ‘better’ version of you.

10847446_10205169108654907_4156871248926380517_oOur brides tend to pick moments to cherish the fun and their natural wedding hair and makeup only enhances their already glowing look.

On your wedding day it is important to work with a professional that will design a look that suits you and knows how to keep everyone relaxed during the timeline leading up to your wedding day.

Talk to us while booking your trial and try to select a style that doesn’t stray too far from your comfort zone.

But most of all… relax and have FUN.
– Donna Sousa

Photo Credits:

Melissa Stimpson Photography – https://www.facebook.com/MelsArtisticSpirit





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