Professional hair & makeup for the wedding party – why it matters!

Many brides ask: Does the entire wedding party really have to have their hair & makeup done?

Although it is very tempting to cut costs by not having professional hair and makeup for your bridal party, it can really make a big difference in the outcome of your photos and the all-together look of your attendants.

Below is a look of a cohesive looking wedding party with hair & makeup by Makeover Artistry


Photography: Sabrina Scolari Photography

When photos are taken, it becomes obvious which bridal party members have cut costs. I have experienced a few weddings where the bridesmaids’ look pale (even a little sickly) and are in sharp contrast to the rest of the group that have had makeup done professionally. Unfortunately, after the day is over, it can result in unhappiness and regret when viewing photos and video coverage. As pictures are shared and posted to Facebook, Instagram, etc. it becomes very noticeable which styles of hair and makeup lasted throughout the day and evening.

Professional makeup can absorb (or reflect) light and a knowledgeable makeup artist will know what to use on your face for a flawless, cohesive look in person, under the lights, and especially in front of the cameras. Unfortunately, drugstore makeup doesn’t show up as well on high definition cameras as airbrush or high definition makeup does.

Professional hair and makeup is one of the most affordable vendor services you will book for your wedding and can make the biggest difference in your day (and in your lifelong photos). If cost is a concern for your attendants, consider paying for makeup (or for a portion of it) as a bridesmaid’s gift. This will allow all the girls to have professional beauty services rather than a mix of professional and ‘do it yourself’ makeup.

If you are worried about timing and fitting everything in before the ceremony – do not worry! Our experienced team will put together a proper schedule that will have each member ready, on time, and glowing.



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