Your Biggest ‘Wedding Oops’ Shouldn’t Be Hiring A Friend

As they say, there is always an “oops” at every wedding.  But your biggest wedding oops shouldn’t be hiring a friend to do your wedding hair & makeup.

If you are thinking of having a friend style your hair & makeup on your wedding day?  Think again!


I have been a professional hair and makeup artist for many years and on several occasions; I have had to be called to ‘rescue’ a bride from a near disaster because a friend has offered to help with wedding hair and makeup.

Here is a quote from a recent bride:

“Donna came to my rescue after I hired a friend to do my hair (before I knew Donna existed) but she came to my aid anyways. Upon arriving, she quickly pinned all my hair back into place and sprayed it so it wouldn’t fall down again. When I walked down the stairs for my first look with all of my bridesmaids, I got pretty emotional and began crying my eyes out. Donna stepped in to dry my tears and touched up my makeup and lipstick.  She saved the day!”

Unfortunately, having a friend do a professional’s job almost never works out… unless they are actually a professional.  Many aspiring hair stylists or makeup artists with good intentions try to ‘help out’ on your magical day (by offering discounted or free services) but often this creates stress for you and your friend.

Here are some things to think about when considering this option:

-Perfectionist!  If you hire someone professional you can be very picky and clear about what styles you want, without feeling like you are hurting their feelings.

-The right tools for the job!  A professional is dedicated to only you on your special day and will come: on time, prepared and with all the proper equipment.  Very rarely does a friend have their own airbrush machine or proven techniques that are tried and true for a bride’s flawless result.

-Stress & Time Management!  A seasoned professional is used to brides, bridesmaids and the hectic schedules.  Artists on my team are accustomed to weddings, fashion shows and photo shoots that require precision in a timely manner.

-Favors don’t come with a commitment!  Friends don’t provide a contract or written agreement.  If something comes up, unfortunately, they just don’t have a team to send a replacement.  You could be stranded on your most important moment to shine.

Finally, real friends should not be working at your wedding…they should be enjoying the time with you and sipping a mimosa!!!

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